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2019 State of Facebook & Instagram Advertising

2019 state of facebook & instagram advertising

Innovation is key to outperforming the competition.

Collectively, Facebook & Instagram are forecasted to generate $67.2 billion in ad revenue this year.  With the platforms’ continued development of retail-specific advertising products, marketers are gaining the ability to innovate like never before. But are they utilizing these tools as effectively as possible? StitcherAds and Go-To-Market Pros conducted interviews with retail marketing leaders at companies like Sephora, The Home Depot, and Carter's, among others. From creative development to adopting omnichannel capabilities to measuring ad effectiveness, many retailers are struggling to adopt the practices they need to stay ahead. This report outlines:

  • how innovative retailers are overcoming challenges on Facebook & Instagram;
  • top trends in the Facebook & Instagram marketing landscape;
  • what lies ahead for the industry in 2019.

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