Make every ad welcome.

Powerful, Personalized, Performance. StitcherAds’ dynamic ad solutions and shopping experiences drive incremental sales online and in-store across social platforms.

Inspire, convert, and retain.

Stay relevant for the entire shopping journey. Our combination of technology, data solutions, and expert service helps brands deliver personalized experiences based on customer behavior across channels.

Innovate quickly with bespoke service

Our dedicated account specialists do the heavy lifting. From custom integrations to fully managed campaigns, we’ll be your drivers for growth.

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Use data to power smarter, more relevant ads

Leverage first-party data to power ads with product recommendations, locations, and creatives optimized for each individual user.

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Drive greater outcomes through powerful tech

Achieve incremental results, while reducing the amount of time your team spends building, optimizing, and managing campaigns.

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Create beautiful ads at scale

Use existing assets to generate video and static creatives that fit all ad formats and maintain brand standards.

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A dynamic approach to full-funnel advertising

Product feed management

Resize product images, remove costly errors, and unlock new personalization opportunities.

Scalable, on-brand creative

Produce thumb-stopping videos and images at scale from existing assets.

Digital circulars

Digitize, automate, and track the print circular and deliver localized, weekly offers.

Omnichannel marketing

Build omnichannel campaigns personalized to your online and in-store customers.

Automated optimizations

Trigger automated actions by implementing rules to manage your campaigns.

Prospecting and retargeting

Target new customers and retarget existing ones based on behavioral cues.

Custom reporting

Define and visualize the metrics that matter to your business with the tracking you trust.

Structured testing

Test and learn from your ads to determine what variables have the greatest impact.

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