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StitcherAds is a self-serve Facebook ads platform – enabling online retailers to rapidly scale direct response ads.

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“StitcherAds makes us faster, more effective in creating mass campaigns for retargeting and acquiring new customers.”

Shaun Hobbs Online Marketing Executive

“StitcherAds has the most sophisticated dynamic product retargeting solution available on the market. We are very excited about the return on ad spend we are achieving and have significantly lowered our cost per sale by more than 50%.”

Nirav Gandhi Founder of Infinite eCommerce Solutions

“We’ve easily increased customer acquisition and driven revenue in a short period of time with StitcherAds. We’re very happy with a 56% increase in revenue through our Facebook Ads.”

Derin Oyekan Co-Founder & CMO

“We've been able to seamlessly set up and track performance of Facebook ads, as well as target Lookalike Audiences from existing customers.”

Karmel Mandrick Social Media & Community Editor

“StitcherAds has reduced by more than 50% the amount
 of time it takes us to get campaigns live.”

Anna Gardner Head of Online Marketing

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