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A/B Testing: Getting Set-up for Success

Our last blog covered why it’s important to test your DPA elements against each other. While it’s very well and good to say you want to test out designs, it’s hard to be methodical without set processes and phases. Luckily for you, this blog will detail out the StitcherAds’ 3 Phase test process which should help marketers to successfully identify  which elements perform for each type of ad you place (prospecting, re-targeting, and brand loyalty).

Phase 1: Foundational Designs

Phase 1 sets the baseline for your ad campaigns. We suggest that you set your foundational design elements at each stage of the sales funnel. At StitcherAds, we divide our DPA elements into 4 categories: branding, price/promo, unique value proposition, and social proofs. The first phase of our A/B testing exercise sets out to identify which elements achieve the highest performance. For step 1, we suggest you test two similar overlays against each other. For example, you may want to test if a sales banner outperforms a price strike-through under the price and promo bucket.

Phase 2: Combine Winning Creative + Pause Losers

Now that you know which elements work best at each stage of the funnel, you should pause the overlays that don’t work and combine the ones that do. This way you can continue to iterate, and gain more efficiency. For example, you might see that logos by themselves perform better than logos and borders, so you’ll then combine that with the most successful price and promo elements. Then try again to see which combinations perform the best.

Phase 3: Advanced Data Designs

Once you hit phase 3, the fun really begins. You can start to hit more advanced designs because we already have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. You now have the ammunition to run more advanced designs such as audience specific offers, multi-messaging overlays, slideshows, multi-image DPA’s, and collection ads. Our methodical approach places all the winning elements together –making your performance stronger and your ads stand out.

Rinse and Repeat across each different ad type.

Partnering for success

StitcherAds’ Dynamic Creative Suite (DCO)

For many companies, they’ll want to take the elements that have been deemed successful on their website and translate them to their DPA program. StitcherAds can take that a step further and also test conversion rates outside of your website using our Dynamic Creative Suite. We do that by helping you to find consumers who are in the market and looking to purchase similar products, and running tests to see which DPA elements they are most likely to click on. 

Our Dynamic Creative Suite offers marketers the tools to play, test, and optimize their DPA products. 

Just a few of our creative capabilities:

  • Platform-specific ad formats
  • Dynamic product & promotions
  • Rule-based creative layouts
  • Hyper-local stores / products
  • Weather / environmental triggers
  • Retargeting 
  • Custom Fonts
  • Creative A/B testing
  • Video creative

Have a team to support your efforts.

Working with StitcherAds means you get a whole team to support the testing process. We consider ourselves partners with our clients, so it’s pretty important to us that we help your ads perform the best they can. In addition to our world-class dynamic creative platform, we offer clients top-notch expertise and a consultative approach.  If you’re interested in learning more about our Enhanced DPA solutions shoot us an email or request a demo.