Best Practices

3 Basic Facebook Advertising Tactics

Getting the basics right with your Facebook advertising tactics is crucial to success. Many online retailers ask us about getting started with Multi-Product Ads (MPA) on Facebook. MPAs are a great way to increase sales. However, if you don’t have the basics down first, your CPA isn’t going to improve. Here are three ways to get the basics right with your Facebook advertising tactics:

facebook advertising tactics

1) Testing Creative & Messaging

For each product you wish to advertise you should have three variations of the creative and message. Test each of these to find out which one performs the best for that product. When you upload three photos for the same ad, Facebook will automatically test all three and then display the one that performs the best. For testing the three different messages, you’ll need to create three separate ads (one of each message).

2) Understand Reach/Demographics

Who are you trying to reach with your adverts? Being with an understanding of who your demographic audience is and then begin to develop granular segmentations. Things like age range, locations, devices they use, etc. all contribute to developing granular segmentations. These segmentations can then be used to create Lookalike audiences to extend your reach.

3) Monitor Success & Make Adjustments

Closely watch the results of the previous two tactics. When certain ads and demographics are under performing, pause them. Where they are performing well, create Lookalike audiences from those segments and/or increase your budget for those ads.

Improve Your Facebook Advertising Tactics

Once you’ve implemented the three tactics above, you can consider some of the more advanced techniques we outline in our Facebook Advertising Strategy eGuide. Also, consider signing up for a free 14 day trial of StitcherAds below—see how easy it is to implement the Facebook advertising tactics above.