Best Practices

3 Tips to Improve Your Multi-Product Ad Performance

As an online retailer you are probably using Multi-Product Facebook Ads (MPAs).  Through Multi-Product Facebook Advertising you can offer a user more than one product to choose from, giving the user a scrolling choice of ads. We have seen fantastic results from MPAs, “... up to a 45% drop in Cost Per Acquisition and a 42% increase in CTR.” If you are unfamiliar with MPAs, check out this post: Learn How to Create Multi-Product Facebook Ads in Minutes. To help improve your results, we have put together the following tips:

1. Test

Use advanced split testing. Once you have selected your target audience, go a step further and split test the audience. With StitcherAds, you can permutate against gender and devices – helping refine your audiences and providing a better indicator of where to place spend.

Ad Permutations- Multi-Product Ads

2. Design

Take a step back and get inside the head of your target. What is going to make them purchase? Think about using high-quality images, enticing offers and ensure that:

  • Less than 20% text in artwork. Use this tool to test before uploading.
  • The aspect ratio is 1:1 for images and it should be at least 460x460px.

3. Target your MPAs

Create a lookalike audience. A lookalike audience on Facebook is essentially a target list made of profiles that are similar to the “seed audience” (e.g., the list of your best customers that you just uploaded). This is a great way to find new shoppers that are similar to your existing customers.

Advanced Tip:

  1. Create a lookalike audience from your conversion pixel
  2. Create a checkout audience using your Web Custom Audience
  3. Place 10% budget in original lookalike Campaign
  4. Wait until you have enough people in your checkout audience to create a lookalike of the users who have converted
  5. Create a lookalike audience of users from these conversions and a new Campaign
  6. Allocate 90% of the budget to Campaign 2

Now you are targeting lookalikes of people who have purchased on your site, increasing your chances of success.

Let us know your experiences with MPAs in the comment box below.