4 Reasons Scale is Essential for Successful Facebook Advertising

Scale-Spend Facebook Advertising

We have many clients who are keen to scale spend but are are naturally cautious. However, the downside of not increasing spend, vastly outweighs any risk. Here we look at 4 reasons why you should scale:

1.  Volume=Efficiency (if you are smart)

Putting time and energy into campaigns that you don’t intend to improve on makes no sense. Focus your efforts on the campaigns that bring in the most conversion, not just the least expensive. The more time and thought you put into building a campaign, the more your confidence in it will grow.

Scale-Spend Facebook Advertising

2. No Fear: Automated Rules

By adding automated rules you are removing the worry of wasting spend or blowing budgets. Follow the steps in this post and learn how to save money and optimize campaigns by using rules.

 3. ROI

The returns can be great. If your campaigns are providing a healthy return at your current spend, then by smartly scaling spend your returns will improve. have increased spend consistently and seen incredible results, especially with their latest dynamic product ads campaign.

4. Reach New Audiences Like Your Customers

With scaling spend you have the ability to reach people who look like your customers, through lookalike audiences. Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences help retailers target new customers. Based on profiles of existing customers and visitors to your website, you can advertise to groups that share similarities. As you increase budget, you are increasing your likeliness of reaching new customers.

The key takeaway is that scaling spend is not daunting if you are prepared. If you are interested to know how to scale spend– read this post– which methodically outlines a process.