4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Dynamic Product Ads

You have probably seen our previous posts about the release of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) and the results of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. In this post we look at the main benefits to using DPAs and why you should be using them.


The early results from retailers using dynamic product ads speak for themselves.

JewelScent-Dynamic Product Ads-Results

2. Time

Dynamically created ads from product feeds, saves a lot of time. All your creative is there and all you need to do is select the dynamic variables, the ads will then populate, pulling in the URLs, images, product information, etc.

3. Cross-device

Reach people with ads on any device, irrespective of the original touchpoint (This is not possible using FBX). In the results above, it is clear to see that mobile is performing incredibly well for JewelScent, with a 21 x RoAS.

4. Scalable

As your product catalog grows and changes, product ads scale along with the changes. Creating ads directly from the information in your product feed removes the possibility of errors and puts your ads in front of customers quickly.

Watch how easy it is to create dynamic product ads, in this video.