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5 Ways to Get Better Ad Distribution on Facebook

Recently a few customers have asked us about getting better distribution of their ads. Here are five issues and solutions we’ve identified for getting better ad distribution on Facebook:


1. Not Bidding Enough

This is easily solved by increasing your bids incrementally. Monitor the results as you increase your bid and notice the change in impressions. For more information on bidding, check out our post on Facebook Bid Optimization.

2. Be Aware of Competition

This contributes to the reason ‘why’ you would need to increase your bids: increased competition. Identifying your competition on Facebook can help you understand how your ads compare. Searching social media can help to identify these competitors. You might also try visiting your competitors’ websites, see if they have the Facebook pixel setup, and then you might see their ads in your timeline.

3. Audience Retention

Changing the length of your audience retention will effect who the ad is delivered to. An increase in the retention timeframe could easily increase distribution, as more people are included over a period of time. For more options on audience retention, see our post on Facebook Advanced Audiences.

4. Audience Crossover

In your targeting you’ll want to ensure there is no audience crossover. Revisit your targeting to check for crossover. You may need to add exclusion audiences to your targeting.

5. Refreshing Ads

As soon as you reach 5 on frequency of your ads, you’ll want to refresh them with new creative and/or messaging. For creative inspiration, read this post on Facebook Ad Creative Best Practises.

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