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7 Facebook Targeting Best Practices for Ecommerce

To aid in your Facebook marketing strategy, we’ve compiled the 7 top Facebook targeting best practices.


1. Target Shoppers Where They are in Lifecycle

Target existing customers who are likely to churn with relevant offers. Remarket to people who demonstrate purchasing intent on your website. Also, targeting your highest LTV customers with something to keep them engaged.

2. Build Lookalike Audiences from Specific Seed Lists

Start with a seed audience that is specific to your campaign objective. For example, put together a seed list of shoppers who tend to convert online versus offline and then create a Lookalike audience from them.

3. Avoid Overlapping Audiences

When you have overlapping audiences, your ads will be competing against each other, and will therefore have a negative effect on overall campaign performance. Consolidating audiences into larger but fewer segments can help avoid this. Check the timing of ad sets too, as they may not need to run at the same time.

4. Target Shoppers Where They Most Likely Convert

Using Audience Insights you can discover if your target audience is more likely to convert on mobile then you can remarket to them with mobile ads.

5. Exclude Customers from Acquisition Campaigns

When running a campaign with the objective of acquiring new customers, use Custom Audiences to exclude existing customers.

6. Remarket to Shoppers Demonstrating Purchasing Intent

Use Audience Insights and App Insights to identify audiences that may be interested in purchasing your products and increase relevancy of your ads.

7. Never Stop Testing and Iterating

Use a portion of your budget to test and then scale your campaigns based on the test results. Optimizing your campaigns by replacing the lowest performing delivery combinations with the highest performing ones in the test.

If you find these best practices helpful, you may be interested in our free eGuide on Facebook Advertising Strategy for Ecommerce. StitcherAds is developed with these best practices.

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