Accelerated Delivery for Facebook Ads

accelerated delivery

Facebook’s beta accelerated delivery feature is available in StitcherAds as of 12th February 2015. Accelerated delivery is ideal for flash sales and campaigns with limited time. Typically, pacing is used for budgets on Facebook. Accelerated delivery, on the other hand, bypasses pacing.

What is Pacing?

Pacing spreads the spend for your ads over the day or prorates the spend for the rest of the day. For example, if a campaign is started mid-day then Facebook spends your budget as evenly as it can for the rest of the day. Pacing ensures that if you start a campaign at 9:00am, you’re still spending at 3:00pm rather than all the budget going straight away.

With standard pacing, we enter your ad into every relevant auction and adjust your bid over the course of the day in order to produce smooth, optimal delivery relative to your objective and budget. This is the default pacing mechanism.

What is Accelerated Delivery?

Accelerated delivery is intended to spend your daily budget as soon as possible. For example, when a customers doubles/quadruples their intended daily budget, accelerated delivery actually spends what they intended to spend quickly.

Accelerated delivery removes all pacing adjustments from your bid as your ad enter the auction. For example, your ad will be entered into all eligible auctions at its full maximum bid. This will likely result in delivery that is not smooth throughout the day, and it is possible that the AdSet’s budget will be exhausted before the end of the day.

Why use Accelerated Delivery?

Accelerated ad delivery provides advertisers with more control over the delivery of their ads. It allows an advertiser to spend their budget as quickly as possible. This is instead of letting the ads delivery pacing system more evenly distribute budget over the duration of campaigns.

This capability can be used for “blast” campaigns that serve brand and direct response objectives. A great example, is a sale or promotion that is more relevant earlier in the day. If the prime objective is to get the most amount of distribution as quickly as possible, then accelerated delivery is the right feature to use.

Accelerated Delivery Use Cases

  • For retail, accelerated delivery can quickly promote sales and promotions.
  • For gaming, when clients have a known max CPI, accelerated delivery will allow them to get delivery on all available opportunities at or below that CPI without resorting to setting high budgets.
  • For brand, accelerated delivery can get the ad out as quickly and broadly as possible.
  • For clients with a live event or announcement, accelerated delivery will deliver the maximum impressions and reach as early in the duration as possible.

Accelerated Delivery Best Practices

  • Advertisers are required to use manual bidding so that they can control the maximum price of their ad delivery.
  • Ad Set duration should be at least 2 hours to allow for initial time to deliver first impression and sufficient time to deliver ads. Durations shorter than this will likely suffer under-delivery. Additionally, longer durations will result in larger potential audience size.
  • Use daily or lifetime budgets to control the maximum amount spent for the ad set. If using a lifetime budget, realize that we will try to spend the entire budget amount as quickly as possible. If using a daily budget, we won’t exceed the daily amount on any individual day.

How do you start using Accelerated Delivery?

accelerated delivery and pacing

Accelerated deliver is not available to everyone right now. If you’d like to use this feature then please get in touch with us.