Campaign Filtering in Real-time Dashboards

Our customers  use many of our automated creation features to generate hundreds of ads and ad sets within campaigns. While this greatly improves optimization and insights, it does create challenges in maintaining real-time data loading in our dashboards. Unlike many of our competitor platforms, we do not require users to ‘sync’ their data every time they want to analyse campaign performance, we load it directly from Facebook on every page refresh, which means that there is roughly a 20 second delay between a conversion happening on a site or app and appearing in the dashboard. 

Filtering Campaigns

To ensure that our dashboards continue to load efficiently in real-time, we recently made a few changes to how campaign data is rendered. We introduced a Filters feature in the ‘All Campaigns’ section of the dashboard that users can use to order campaigns by delivery status, campaign objective, placement, cost per sale or many other data points to expedite the extraction of actionable insights. Once configured, Filters are easily saved for convenient and regular use.  

This makes it very easy to load and edit all campaigns that are not meeting cost per sale goals, all retargeting campaigns or all campaigns that include placement on Instagram, to quickly gain insights through our interactive dashboard graphs:


Filtered views are easily saved as reports that can be shared by URL to share live views of the filtered data.