Best Practices

Advanced Facebook Ad Tracking

Effective ad tracking is crucial to getting the best performance for your campaigns. We’ve made complex URL tracking in StitcherAds that includes custom ad set and ad names very easy. Our tracking allows you to pass ad set/ad-level information through your URL parameters.

Ad Set and Ad Naming

The Ad Set and Ad Naming section allows you to customize which parameters make up the names of your ad sets and adverts. We offer over 30 parameters across both levels so you can control what information is passed in the ad set/ad name.

Once you’ve clicked into the input box, you can easily move between existing tags using your left and right cursor keys. This can be helpful in case you want to insert a new tag in the middle of the current layout.

ad tracking

Setting Up Creative Labels for Ad Tracking

During the campaign create workflow, we provide an option to “Show creative labels/tracking tags.” Turning this on opens up the capability to tag each image, headline and message in use with a separate tag. These tags can then be used in the ad name you’ve already setup.

ad naming

Advanced Facebook Ad Tracking

Setting up advance Facebook ad tracking can have a significant impact on your campaign performance.