Allow us to reintroduce and our focus on omnichannel

Notice anything different around here?

Our team recently revamped the StitcherAds website to reflect our new branding (hello, blue!) and our focus on omnichannel marketing solutions.

The StitcherAds platform was always designed to help advertisers build easier, smarter and more profitable campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Now, we’re kicking it up a notch to better align with today’s customer journey, which loops from online to offline and back again.


Catering to today’s customer journey

Nearly one-third of social media users make a purchase that begins on a social site about once a month, according to a ViSenze study cited by eMarketer. This justifies the billions in social ad spend that brands are investing each year to target, upsell and cross-sell customers.

But, there’s a catch: While digital channels play a pivotal role in inspiring purchases, most consumers still prefer to transact in-store.

A recent study conducted by June20 found that 84% of Americans prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores or at a combination of online and in-store retailers. To many shoppers, nothing beats the hands-on experience and immediacy that comes with buying a product in person.

This puts retailers in a tough spot. The disconnect between online and offline can make it difficult to track return on ad spend, measure which online ads are driving in-store sales, and optimize online strategies to further drive offline revenue.

With its offline conversions API, Facebook allows retailers to integrate offline conversion events and determine how consumers interacted with ads before making an in-store purchase. This data is proving so valuable for retailers that Facebook has recently upped the ante. Originally, the platform only allowed retailers to attribute up to 90 days of online data to in-store sales. Now, Facebook has increased that timeframe to two years, which is great news for advertisers looking to accurately prove ROAS.

But Facebook’s native tools just scratch the surface of what’s possible with omnichannel marketing. There is ample opportunity for advertisers to tap into that offline data even further and significantly drive in-store and online revenue.

That’s where our new website and omnichannel features come into play.


Taking omnichannel beyond Facebook’s native offering

Our new features leverage offline transaction data—beyond Facebook’s capabilities—to help retailers grow and retain their customers.

While a direct integration with the social network’s API can bridge the gap between offline and online, our omnichannel solution takes it a step further. We provide retailers with the power to:

  • seamlessly upload in-store data and put it to work faster;
  • create optimized audience segments for smarter targeting;
  • build stronger creative that will resonate with customers;
  • and unlock advanced omnichannel reporting that Facebook native tools don’t support.

Ultimately, our new offline capabilities are designed to increase brick-and-mortar sales and to provide retailers with advanced insights for a more informed strategy.

And we’re seeing the results! Across five retailers who use the StitcherAds platform, we’ve seen a 31X average omnichannel ROAS and 40% average in-store revenue as a percent of online.



Our new website has a look and feel that reflects our mission to provide better Facebook marketing to advertisers across the globe. As an added bonus, we’ve even built an interactive pricing calculator for greater transparency.


So, take a look around and get a feel for StitcherAds’ new omnichannel features. If you’d like to learn more about how your offline data can make a massive impact online, we’d love to chat. Click below to request a demo.