Best Practices

Avoid Waste on Underperforming Facebook Ads

Many of our customers ask us how can they avoid spending on underperforming ads. There are basically two things we recommend using to optimize your spend:

1) Rules

Using rules to pause underperforming ads is the most efficient way to avoid waste. Setting thresholds based on your goals and objectives with rules gives you full control over spend. Rules can be setup for metrics such as:

  • Cost per checkout
  • Cost per app install
  • Cost per app engagement
  • Product Stock Level
  • Average Basket Value
  • And more…


2) Permutations

Ad permutations allow you to be very granular with where ads are performing and where they are not. Creating ad variations for audience locations, age ranges, genders, and devices will provide visibility into exactly where ads are performing and where they are not. Eliminating waste then becomes much easier, as you can simply turn off ads that are not performing to your objectives.


Avoiding Wasted Spend on Facebook Ads

Combining rules and permutations to your Facebook ad strategy will give you greater controls over where your budget goes and where it does not. Why not try a free 14 day trial of StitcherAds and see how easy it is to implement rules and permutations? In a matter of minutes, you can create a product ad from your product feed with rules and permutations. To start your trial use the form below this post.