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5 Facebook Advertising Tactics to Turn the Christmas Lead Rush into Lifetime Customers

A Brand is Not Just For Christmas… 5 Advertising Tactics to Maintain Online Sales

The holiday season brings about increased sales and revenue for many retailers and it is now not far away. Retailers have often been criticised for starting their holiday advertising too early. Kmart caused frustration in 2013, when they begun advertising in early September. This year the company has come back with a humorous commercial, “Kmart Not a Christmas Commercial“, advertising Christmas shopping in a ‘subtle’ manner. Shoppers are becoming much more used to seeing advertising earlier in the year and now according to Adweek, “Christmas Shopping Starts in October for 26% of Shoppers“. They too are searching for it earlier, since September 3rd “Christmashas been the most popular search term on the John Lewis website.

Retailers will already have planned and worked on their strategies in the build up to Christmas. Many will also have considered the various strategies to take post-Christmas. Last year, UK retailer John Lewis ran a full-price strategy until 27th December, which worked as their Christmas margins were maintained. This is being widely considered by retailers, as once you cut your prices there is no going back. Debenhams cut their prices too early last year and are reconsidering their strategy for this year, after poor performance. According to Marketing Magazine, “We saw the biggest pre-Christmas discounting for seven years as retailers lost their nerve.” Catching a falling knife is thought to be easier than picking the precise moment your market turns.

A Brand is Not Just For Christmas… 5 Facebook Advertising Tactics to Maintain Online Sales

Retailers expectations are very high coming into each year’s peak shopping period. When it comes to hitting the discount button, retailers often don’t give enough thought to tactics they deploy when the decision is made. Whichever route you decide to take this year there are certain tactics that can be used to support your post-christmas approach.

How Can You Turn The Christmas Lead Rush Into Lifetime Customers?

The holiday season is not far away and most online retailers will have locked down their Facebook advertising strategies. Yet some will not have considered Q1 2015 and what approach to take. Whether we like it or not, the holiday season will soon come and go. To combat the inevitable post-holiday sales lull, we have created an eGuide with tactics on how you can turn the christmas lead rush into lifetime customers.

In the eGuide you will get insights on:

  1. Mobile Targeting
  2. Analysis & Reporting
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Growing Your New Audience
  5. Optimization

Download: A Brand is Not Just For Christmas… 5 Post-Holiday Advertising Tactics [eGuide] to get ahead of your competition.