Customer Stories

Case Study: Social Commerce Increasing RoAS

Social commerce is leading the way in product discovery and inspiration. We’ve been working with one such company over the past month, JewelScent. Actually, by “working” we mean JewelScent has been using our self-serve platform to achieve some impressive results. A 56% increase in revenue and a 29% increase in Return on Ad Spend (RoAS). Now, that’s impressive!

JewelScent logo

JewelScent is all about adding fun to everyday products. And who doesn’t like fun? Well, no one. This is probably why JewelScent is doing so well. Their current product catalog includes scented candles, soaps, and fragrance beads. The fun part is the hidden jewel—valued from $10 to $7,500—found in each product.

Social Commerce & Social Advertising

Having seen some success on Facebook through direct response advertising, JewelScent desired to scale their ads and test new segments. Their three goals on Facebook are: branding, engagement and customer acquisition. The most of important being customer acquisition.

Because Facebook is JewelScent most successful direct response channel, they allocate 25% of their budget to Facebook Ads.

Increasing RoAS

So how did they achieve these results so quickly?

  1. They began using our self-serve platform and right away setup some really creative Multi-Product Ads for mobile and desktop display.
  2. They began testing audience segments to acquire new customers and obtained a very granular level of insight into ad performance.
  3. They used optimization rules to automatically pause spend on ads that were not performing.

Social Commerce Multi-Product Ad


“StitcherAds gave us the confidence to increase spend and scale our ads in a very short period of time with controls and rules based on our targets.”—Derin Oyekan, Co-founder & CMO at JewelScent.

Scaling Spend & Increasing Revenue

Over one month, JewelScent increased their spend by 44% and increased revenue by 56% from the previous month. This means they more than doubled revenue without doubling spend.

“We’ve easily increased customer acquisition and driven revenue in a short period of time with StitcherAds. We’re very happy with a 56% increase in revenue through our Facebook Ads.”

Learn more about how they accomplished these results by reading the Case Study.