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Direct Response Facebook Advertising: Back to Basics

Facebook Advertising Basics

At StitcherAds we are continually looking ahead and implementing the most advanced techniques in Facebook advertising. However, it is useful to remember there are certain basic tips that should not be overlooked.

1. Target People Where They Are Most Likely to Convert

It seems obvious but target shoppers where they most likely convert. This will vary from company to company but by using Audience Insights you can discover if your target audience is more likely to convert on mobile or desktop. If it is more likely on mobile, then you can remarket to them with mobile ads. Learn more in this post, on best practises for ecommerce.

Facebook Advertising Basics

2. Facebook Ad Quality

Facebook is very concerned with keeping its users happy. It therefore wants to make sure the ads they are served are useful and relevant. In fact your ability to win auctions and the bid price you will pay are both impacted by how well your ad creative and CTAs attract people. For further reading, have a look at Facebook ad creative best practises.

3. Facebook Bidding Strategy

Bid your maximum. Start with your objective and bid the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for that objective. Within your target audience, calculate the average profit for each action they take and this will determine what your max bid should be. This post looks in more granular detail at the best practises for Facebook ad bidding.

4. Build on Successful Campaigns

Where ads are performing well, create Lookalike audiences from those segments and/or increase your budget for those ads.

5. Use Custom Audiences

Slightly more advanced, but, Custom Audiences are a great way on Facebook to target people based on data you own. In addition to creating a Custom Audiences from a data file, you can use them to remarket customers from your website or mobile app and reach them on any device.

What tips do you always follow for direct response advertising? Let us know.

Facebook Advertising Strategy