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Facebook Advertising Strategy for Ecommerce

Developing a good Facebook advertising strategy for Ecommerce can be challenging, but when done right the rewards can be great. A good strategy for increasing revenue through Facebook advertising involves scaling spend, as you target different demographics, along with retargeting to increase conversions. We’ve put together a free eGuide with some advanced tactics used by successful online retailers. The eGuide will help you develop a successful Facebook advertising strategy.

What’s in the eGuide?

In the guide we cover:

  1. Scaling spend and growing revenue
  2. Creating audiences for targeting
  3. Product level retargeting
  4. Attribution and measuring
  5. Micro targeting

Who should read it?

  1. Many online retailers still have their social teams handling the advertising on Facebook. You should read this, if your social team still does this or you are thinking of moving it to the PPC/acquisition team
  2. You have an in-house marketer team or want to bring your retail marketing in-house
  3. You want to scale spend and increase revenue using Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Strategy for Ecommerce eGuide

Download the free eGuide to help develop your Facebook advertising strategy using proven techniques.

Facebook Advertising Strategy eGuide