Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Retail: What You Need to Know

Digital marketers aiming to drive more shoppers into their brick-and-mortar stores (who isn’t?) have a new, smarter way to do it.

Say hello to the latest version of Dynamic Ads for Retail (DAR) on Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook’s traditional optimization helps retailers drive online sales by targeting ads at customers that buy online. This overlooks shoppers who prefer to transact in-store (where 90% of retail sales still take place). DAR does the opposite and specifically targets in-store buyers with smart ads that can feature in-stock products available nearby.  

DAR is similar to Google’s Local Inventory Ads but is a stronger solution for prospecting as it is not dependent on search-based intent.  

Facebook’s DAR offering is designed to help digital marketers further connect the online-to-offline dots on the customer journey. Several retailers who work with StitcherAds participated in the Alpha version in late 2018 and saw stellar results. Beta access was made available just last month and we’re already seeing the same.

Want to learn more about this solution and how it works? Here are the details.

What are Dynamic Ads for Retail?

Dynamic Ads for Retail are essentially Dynamic Ads in the Store Traffic Objective. It automates the process of showing relevant items to shoppers who are more likely to visit your physical locations and make a purchase.

Unlike Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences, the technology that powers Dynamic Ads for Retail places a strong focus on store locations and in-store shoppers.

How does DAR work?

Business Locations are required to set up Dynamic Ads for Retail. Once those are in place, create a product set of high-consideration, high-value items to feature in the ads.

By working with StitcherAds, you gain the opportunity to use a local inventory feed. This is key – as it enables you to feature localized pricing information, availability and inventory levels for each product specific to every store you operate. With this functionality, you can generate interactive ads that digitize your print circulars. You can also run accurate “Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS)” campaigns and deliver highly personalized and localized ads to your customers.

As far as targeting, Facebook will show ads to relevant users who are more inclined to make in-store purchases and who are located within your defined proximity to your stores.

How do Dynamic Ads for Retail look?

Facebook recommends using carousel, single image, or collection ad units with DAR.

Here’s an example.

In addition to displaying localized product details, ads also contain store information (opening/closing times, address, etc.) and a map card with a “Get Directions” CTA. This communicates to customers who have already shown intent that they are within close proximity to one of your stores where they can immediately buy products.

You can opt to either feature in-store only products or show items that are available online and in-store. StitcherAds has the ability to apply customized overlays to your ads that indicate buying options, promotion details and animation.

Do they work?


We’re seeing that they work significantly better than Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences to drive in-store conversions.

A nationwide retailer that works with StitcherAds experienced a 30% increase in offline return-on-ad-spend in just one week when testing Dynamic Ads for Retail vs. Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences.


If you’re a StitcherAds client, reach out to your success manager to get access to the Beta. If you’re not a StitcherAds client but want to learn more, we’d love to chat.

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