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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Retargeting Results

After releasing Facebook dynamic product ads last week, all of our customers using this feature are seeing great early results. Here’s what Kevin Yiu, Online Marketing Analyst at JewelScent, said:

“StitcherAd’s combination of direct response advertising features and the new dynamic product retargeting solution continue to help us achieve significant returns on our ad spend, helping grow our business. Some of our campaigns have seen returns as high as 10x on ad spend. We believe StitcherAds is the best complete solution on the market to meet our Facebook direct response advertising goals.”

What Are Dynamic Product Ads?

You may be wondering what dynamic product ads are. Well, dynamic product ads are always-on advertising for direct response marketing—connect the right products to the right person at the right time, at scale and across devices. Dynamic product ads (DPA) simplify the process and allow marketers to create more ads in less time.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Automation

Results for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Here are some early results from retailers using dynamic product ads. Using an attribution window of 28 days/1 day (Click Through/View Through):

  1. Jewellery Company: CPA $1.80 and 14x ROAS
  2. Discount Retailer: CPA $5.66 and 4x ROAS
  3. Fragrance and beauty products: $1.80 CPA and 24x ROAS
  4. Designer Furniture: £6.33 CPA and 46x ROAS

These same companies using an attribution window of 1 day/0 day (Click Through/View Through) they achieved:

  1. Jewellery Company: CPA $3.36 and 10x ROAS
  2. Discount Retailer: CPA $7.50 and 2.1x ROAS
  3. Fragrance and beauty products: $8.61 CPA and 6.5x ROAS
  4. Designer Furniture: £35 CPA and 15x ROAS

These are some very promising early results for eCommerce retailers. We’ll continue to post results as we gather more data.

Retargeting with Multi-Product Ads

Multi-Product Ads (MPA) are a powerful canvas for showcasing multiple images and links in News Feed. Multi-product ads can be used with any form of targeting, and give an advertiser the option to have full creative control over their product ad. Using MPAs in conjunction with dynamic product ads, the advertiser can either manually select three, four or five images and order, or they can optimize the selection and order by opting in to the creative rotation feature.

By integrating your eCommerce product feed with our easy-to-use Facebook ad management software, retailers can quickly, easily and automatically create hundreds of product ads.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads