Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

We’ve added Facebook dynamic product ads (DPA) to our growing list of power features for eCommerce. Dynamic product ads are always-on advertising for direct response marketing—connect the right products to the right person at the right time, at scale and across devices. With a constantly changing, large product catalog, creating ads is very time consuming. Dynamic product ads simplify the process and allow marketers to create more ads in less time directly from the product feed.

Here’s what one of our customers, Nirav Ghandi – Founder of Infinite eCommerce Solutions said about DPAs: 

“StitcherAds has the most sophisticated dynamic product retargeting solution available on the market. We are very excited about the return on ad spend we are achieving and have significantly lowered our cost per sale by more than 50%.”

Ads that Scale with your Product Catalog

As your product catalog grows and changes, dynamic product ads scale along with the changes. Creating ads directly from the information in your product feed saves a significant amount of time, removes the possibility of errors, and puts your ads in front of shoppers quickly.

How do Dynamic Product Ads Work?

We begin by easily integrating standard product feeds into our ad creation software. Then you can then create templates for ad copy with places for dynamic text insertion into the copy. During ad creation, StitcherAds will automatically populate the product details into the ad. This removes the time needed to look up the product information and transfer that information into the ad, as well as creating new copy for each ad.

  1. Product catalog integration. Using our free tool, check your product feed compatibility with Facebook’s requirements.
  2. The Custom Audience pixel tracks products viewed on website or app
  3. Single or multi-product ad template that can automatically generate millions of unique ads depending on items browsed by a unique shopper.

Powerful Retargeting with Dynamic Product Ads

We’ve implemented Facebook dynamic product ads as a fully automated retargeting solution for eCommerce. DPAs automatically retarget engaged customers with interactive ads containing the products they engaged with on your website. The ads also automatically target these individuals across devices, whether that be phone, tablet or desktop.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Watch how easy it is to create Facebook DPAs with StitcherAds here:
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
By integrating your eCommerce product feed with our easy-to-use Facebook ad management software, retailers can quickly, easily and dynamically create ads in less time. Get started by testing your product feed for compliance with Facebook’s requirements:

Check Your Product Feed