Best Practices

Develop a Strategy for Facebook Newsfeed Retargeting

Facebook Newsfeed retargeting, also known as remarketing, is something savvy retailers have been doing for a while now. It’s a way to display your brand and/or products to people after they have left your website. Using retargeting in combination with Facebook’s information on identity is a powerful way to reach new customers or retarget existing ones.

For most retailers, about 2-3% of first time website visits result in a conversion. This is a fairly low rate, but the advantage of Facebook Newsfeed retargeting is you can easily reach those who visited for the first time and left. Imagine someone visits your website on their mobile or tablet device and views a single product. Later that evening, when they are relaxing at home, an ad of that product appears in the Facebook Newsfeed on their laptop.

Using Facebook’s identity information you can retarget an individual visitor to your website within a specified time period across all their devices: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Facebook Retargeting Strategy

Your overall digital strategy should include retargeting with Facebook Newsfeed advertising, because it’s a powerful channel for conversion optimisation. We’ve seen Facebook retargeting produce the best results when it’s part of an overall digital strategy. Adding retargeting to your overall digital strategy can give your customer’s a better experience with your products and add unexpected value.

Facebook has an audience creation feature called Website Custom Audiences (WCA) that allows businesses to create custom audiences based on website activity. Retargeting visitors to your website based on their activity is a powerful way to increase ROI. Expected ROI for retargeting is around 50x, although we’re seeing StitcherAds users achieving 100x and even up to 300x ROI using Facebook retargeting. The chart below demonstrates how you can take advantage of retargeting in combination with identity information on Facebook.

Facebook Retargeting Custom Audiences

How Do You Take Advantage of Retargeting?

It can be complicated to build Website Custom Audiences through Facebook’s Power Editor or native Ads Manager. We’ve make it easy to setup your device and product retargeting in StitcherAds.