Facebook Product Ads and Mobile vs FBX

Better ROAS than FBX

There’s been a lot of buzz about Facebook product ads lately and the results retailers are achieving. One thing that many FBX users don’t know: they are missing out on a large chunk of revenue by not using Facebook product ads (only available using Website Custom Audiences).

Product Ads, Conversions and Mobile Devices

The first thing FBX users are missing is reaching shoppers where they are—their mobile devices. In the US and UK over 40% of Facebook traffic is through the mobile app. FBX cannot deliver ads to those shoppers. We are seeing more and more conversions actually happening on mobile. The second thing FBX users are missing, is influencing the sale through mobile impressions.

Conversions Influenced by Mobile

With the amount of traffic generated from Facebook mobile app, it’s no wonder their would be more and more conversions on mobile for small items. However, even retailers with large items are seeing results from product ads being displayed on mobile devices. One of our customers,, is seeing more than 70% of conversions being influenced by an ad that first appeared in the mobile app. Check out their results so far using Facebook product ads: Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) Results


Start Using Facebook Product Ads in Minutes

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