FBX vs WCA (Website Custom Audiences) for Facebook Advertising

Facebook users are increasingly mobile, so what’s the best way to reach them with your ads? Facebook Exchange (FBX) has historically been a useful tool for reaching desktop users through real-time bidding. However, using FBX for advertising means you’re missing out on a big piece of the market, as advertisements are only delivered to the desktop news feeds.

Recent statistics show that more than 70% of FB mobile users in the UK are on the app not mobile web:

Mobile App Facebook Usage

Source: Facebook Audience Insights, UK Users, July 2014

Increase ROI Using Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences

By using Website Custom Audiences (WCA) you can target across browsers and devices.

If a user accesses your website on a mobile device, there is no way to target that user with FBX because FBX uses cookies for targeting. Website Custom Audiences (WCA), however, target based on identity. So, for example, a user who accessed your website via their mobile can be targeted on their desktop as soon as they log on to Facebook. This form of Remarketing lowers acquisition cost by specifically targeting people interested in your product(s).

In addition, WCA allows you to exclude certain users from seeing ads. This is useful if someone has previously purchased a product from you or already visited a certain landing page. You can then display a completely different advertisement to them.

The biggest advantage of WCA is the advanced segmentation that it offers. You can segment users by user activity and behaviour. For example, you can segment by traffic source such as Google and pay more for these targeted ads for people who have yet to purchase. You can also segment based on visiting times, so someone who visited your website 1 week ago can see different ads than someone who visited 30 days ago. Using this advanced segmenting is not only clever, it would increase conversion rates, lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and increase your Return on Investment (ROI) for Facebook advertising.

Scale Your Facebook Ads

We can help you scale and target your Facebook marketing and advertising across devices and audiences. Stop using FBX and start increasing your ROI. Contact us for a demonstration.