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Are You Following These Facebook Ad Creative Best Practises?

Creative Facebook Ads Best Practises

Are your ads getting the engagement you want? Could they be performing better? Online advertising is becoming increasingly competitive and there is a need for clear, coherent, eye catching ads. With Facebook you can use great visual ads in the news feed to drive your DR objectives. Here are some best practises for Facebook Ad creatives:

1. One Point

Have a singular focal point, so the objective is clear to your customer. In retail, show the product and a clear description within the ad. Don’t use multiple pictures of the same image, use one and make it enticing.

2. Eye Catching

Capture peoples attention with a strong creative. Make your ad visually attractive, causing people to stop during a scroll.

Creative Facebook Ads Best Practises

3. Emotional & Informational Reward

Think of ways to connect with your audience, perhaps use humour or reach people who have shown an interest with a product you sell.

4. Portray your brand

Showcase your brand personality through your creative. Use a logo or a slogan, or recognisable colours.

5. Use a Strong CTA

Imperative for DR campaigns. As mentioned, focus on a single, clear call to action to drive the outcome you want.

6. Mirror creative to where your audience is in the sales funnel

Consider where your customers are on their journey. If they are in the consideration phase, use creative to drive interest in your offering. If they are further along, use a strong CTA to encourage a positive outcome.

7. Consistency

Use consistency across the path-to-conversion. Keep the look and feel of the experience seamless, from the ad to conversion page.

If you follow these 7 tips your ads are much more likely to get better engagement. Do you have any other best practises?

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