Setup Dynamic Product Ads, Any Product Feed, in Under 5 mins

Dynamic Product Ads in 5 minutes, with StitcherAds

Only 2 months ago, Facebook released dynamic product ads (DPAs). We have blogged about how they work and great results companies are seeing. However without using the right platform, retailers are missing a large amount of functionality and wasting a lot of time. We believe you should be able to set a DPA campaign up in under 5 minutes. Below is a grid outlining key features required to fully utilize DPAs:

DPA StitcherAds Features vs Power Editor

From above you can see Facebook native tools, like Power Editor are not specifically designed for the needs of online retailers and do not enable you to fully realize the potential of DPAs. Power Editor is time-consuming for creating all the ads needed, visibility into campaign performance is difficult and there can be complexities with importing feeds. Yet, by using DPAs through StitcherAds, you can:

  1. Attain real-time visibility into performance
  2. Create automated campaign performance monitoring with rules engine
  3. Save creatives and targeting for later use
  4. Use any product feed. StitcherAds will parse any feed with Facebook

All in under 5 minutes.

Essential Feature for Dynamic Product Advertising: Optimization Rules

To enable your DPA campaigns to really scale, maximizing the chances of getting the right product offer in front of the right person at the right time, you need to be able to set performance criteria to protect your budget and turn off ads that are under-performing. You need to be able to increase the budget of ads that are winning new customers sales growth. The StitcherAds optimization engine allows you to set rules that are right for your campaigns. Pause campaigns and ads using criteria including:

  • Product is out of stock
  • Cost per order rises above your target
  • Custom parameters

Learn more about rules here.

Essential Feature for Dynamic Product Advertising: Advanced Audience Targeting

A main feature which we have built into our platform to make DPAs more effective is Facebook advanced audiences. Essentially, StitcherAds allows users to create a variety of complex relationships with the Viewed, Added to Cart and Purchased events.

The timeframe can also be adjusted within which people are included in audiences. These audiences can then be saved and reloaded into new dynamic product ads. Learn more about Facebook advanced audiences in this post.

Results with StitcherAds

“StitcherAds’ combination of direct response advertising features and the new dynamic product retargeting solution continue to help us achieve significant returns on our ad spend, helping grow our business. Some of our campaigns have seen returns as high as 10x on ad spend. ”

Kevin Yiu – Online Marketing Analyst at JewelScent


Start Using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads in Minutes

At StitcherAds, we’ve made it incredibly easy to start creating product ads directly from your product feed. Start a free 14 day trial here, using the form below, and setup your first DPA campaign.