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How to Split Test Your Facebook Ad Copy and Design

How to Split Test- StitcherAds

Understanding what aspect of your ad is performing best can be difficult and time consuming. However StitcherAds allows users to take advantage of a Facebook algorithm, which compares the performance of different ad creative to see which ad is the most engaging. This equates to a lot of time savings and less manual analysis. When setting up a Product Ad or a Right Hand Column ad users have the option to add 3 images, 3 headlines and 3 messages. StitcherAds will create ads for all the possible permutations. For example, if you add 3 images, 3 headlines and 3 messages, StitcherAds will create 27 ads.

How to Split Test- StitcherAds
Once the campaign goes live, each of the ads will be displayed until Facebook’s algorithm identifies the ad that gets the most engagement. This ad continues to be displayed and the other creative permutations are withdrawn. Additionally, combining creative permutations with targeting permutations means that if a different creative is appealing to a different audience the most engaging will be chosen specifically for each audience.

StitcherAds allows you to use Creative Permutations to discover the most engaging combination of image and copy for your ads. One of the advantages is that if you are also using targeting permutations, the most engaging ad will be displayed to the relevant target audience (e.g., age group 18-35 may be more engaged by a different version of the ad than 36-45). The result means huge time savings and better performing ads. If you are trying to think of ways to be more creative, check out this post on Facebook Ad creative best practises.

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