Best Practices

Instagram Carousel Ads and Prospecting

Instagram recently started offering single ads globally. Today they’ve publicly released Instagram carousel ads. Both of these ad formats are available in the StitcherAds’ power and easy-to-use workflow. We have been working with brands over the past few weeks, during the pre-public release of these ad formats, to achieve great initial results.

After initial testing, our customers are seeing a 16% better click through rate with Instagram carousel ads, when compared to Facebook carousel ads. Our customers have been using these ads for prospecting and driving new traffic to their website.


The Perfect Visual Channel for Brands

Capture,  filter, hashtagshare. 

On an average day, Instagrammers around the world perform this fluid gesture over 80 million times as they express themselves through the universal language of visuals.

Instagram is inherently visual, making it perfect for brands with great images.

Using Existing Audiences and Targeting

Because Instagram is part of Facebook, you can use your existing targeting and audiences. We recommend starting with a Lookalike Audience for prospecting with Instagram carousel ads.

Instagram Carousel Ads

These ads are a great addition to an advertiser’s ad arsenal! Using these ads at the top of the funnel for prospecting, driving new traffic to your website, in combination with Facebook retargeting is a powerful way to gain new customers.