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Instagram Dynamic Product Ads

Since Facebook introduced Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), we’ve been developing strategies and guiding our customers in maximizing the effectiveness of DPA. The public release of Instagram Dynamic Product Ads was recently announced by Facebook. At StitcherAds we’ve been helping some of our early adopters realize great results for a while now.


Customer Results with Instagram Dynamic Product Ads

Here’s a look at a couple of our customers achieving results with Instagram Dynamic Product Ads. When comparing Instagram DPA with other forms of DPA, we used the standard 28/1 attribution window for these stats:

Online Jewelry Retailer

  • 32% Better Cost Per Purchase
  • 204% Better Click Through Rate
  • 18% Better Cost Per Click


  • 26% Better Cost Per Purchase
  • 10% Better Click Through Rate
  • 29% Better Cost Per Click
  • 47% Better Return on Ad Spend (47x RoAS)

How Instagram Dynamic Product Ads Work

By tracking shopper activity on your website, dynamic ads can automatically, personalize products displayed in ads. These highly relevant ads produce better results and more sales, as customers are only shown ads based on their interests. Dynamic Product Ads also automatically exclude customers from ads for products they have already purchased. Instead using an audience of previous purchases, we can target them with other relevant products.

Instagram Dynamic Product Ads

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