Customer Stories increased RoAS by 160% with Dynamic Product Ads

One of the first European retailers to take advantage of dynamic product ads,, is also one of our customers. They’ve been very successful using Facebook product ads to drive conversions. uses our platform for prospecting by quickly generating ads from pictures their customers take. They also use StitcherAds for the sophisticated product retargeting with Multi-product ads.

“StitcherAds makes us faster, more effective in creating mass campaigns for retargeting and acquiring new customers.” 
—Shaun Hobbs,
 Online Marketing Executive, saw 160% RoAS when using dynamic product ads compared to previous retargeting campaigns. They’ve also seen significant results from ads first displayed on mobile device, which later result in desktop conversions.

Made-DPA-MPA-mobile Case Study


  • Testing new segments was difficult and time consuming
  • Power Editor couldn’t scale with desired activity


  • Automated Ad Permutations
  • Granular and Advanced Targeting
  • Dynamic Product Retargeting


  • 160% Better RoAS than previous retargeting
  • 74% Better RoAS than FBX
  • Over 60% of conversions seen via mobile ads first

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