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Mobile Facebook: Grow, Grow, Grow!

Facebook Mobile Advertising

Did you know that there are now 745 million mobile daily active users on Facebook? (Source: Facebook). The number has grown from 654 million mobile daily active users on average (June 2014) and is still growing. Retailers confidence in advertising is growing too, “Facebook accounted for $11.4 billion of the $15.3 billion market for social media advertising, a market that grew 41% in 2014.” Marketing Land. The combination of increased use and increased ad spend is of course hugely related.

Back in August we blogged about America’s love affair with buying from online retailers via tablet devices. Research from Comscore explained: ‘Mobile commerce in the US grew by 47% in Q2 2014, boosted by increased usage of tablets and bucking a seasonal trend for slower rates of growth during the second quarter.’ This trend has continued and is reflected in the amount advertisers are committing to Facebook.

Facebook Mobile Advertising

What does this mean for online retailers?

Facebook saw sales jump nearly 50% in the latest quarter, fuelled by growing ad revenue from more users connecting through their mobile phones. It shows retailers are no longer questioning Facebook as an advertising platform but debating how much budget they invest and how they can successfully target users. The increased spend targeting mobile users outlines that retailers know where conversions are taking place. One of our clients, saw over 60% of conversions seen via mobile ads first (read more about results here). As competition intensifies, retailers need to be able to see quickly where conversions are taking place and make real-time decisions.

How is your Facebook Advertising going? Are you measuring and reporting on where conversions are occurring? We have produced a Ecommerce Facebook Advertising Strategy eGuide that may be useful to you. The eGuide covers:

  • Increasing Conversions
  • Attribution & Measuring
  • Scaling Spend & Growing Revenue
  • Create Lookalike Audiences
  • Retargeting Campaigns for All Products
  • Excluding Customers Who Have Purchased
  • Micro Targeting
  • Product Level Retargeting

Simply click here or below to download.

Facebook Advertising Strategy