Multi-Product Facebook Ads for Retailers

Multi-product Facebook ads are available through StitcherAds. The newsfeed on Facebook is emerging as the most powerful performance marketing channel for online retailers, especially on mobile and tablet. You can now get Facebook’s super-weapon in the direct response ad armoury – Multi-Product Ads using StitcherAds. These ads are Facebook’s first ad unit designed specifically for online retailers and early tests see up to a 45% drop in Cost Per Acquisition and a 42% increase in CTR. And starting today you can get it by using StitcherAds.

Here’s one we created earlier for desktop:


And for Mobile:


This is a game-changer for online retailers.StitcherAds Multi-Product Ad for Facebook

Facebook’s newsfeed is the most powerful way to get targeted DR ads onto the mobile and tablet screens of consumers. But the limitation before today has been the ability to only let a consumer click out to one link at a time. Multi-Product Ads mean that you can now offer a user more than one product to choose from, reducing the amount of clicks necessary to get from an ad to an order.

In a similar way that Amazon has lead the way in “you may also like” displays on their website, Facebook’s multi-product ad can display several related products to an individual from an advertiser.

Restrictions Lifted

Previously, there were restrictions for advertisers on Facebook to only display one ad per day per individual. The restrictions also only allowed one URL per ad. Advertisers attempted to circumvent these restrictions by placing multiple product images into a single ad, which were then linked to custom landing pages with these products. This made reporting and tracking difficult, not to mention the time needed to create these ads and landing pages. As you can imagine the results were not great.

Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

By placing several related items in one ad display, you can increase the reach of your products targeted to custom audiences. Therefore, reducing CPA and increase clicks. Early adopters of Facebook’s new multi-product ad display are seeing a decrease in cost per acquisition from 18% to 45%.

Take Advantage of Scalable Multi-Product Ads

Take advantage of the Facebook’s new Multi-Product Ad, scale your ads and automatically create granular permutations for custom audiences and devices using StitcherAds.