Learn How to Create Multi-Product Facebook Ads in Minutes

StitcherAds- Multi Product Ads

We previously blogged about Multi-Product Facebook Ads when they were first launched in June. After the launch of multi-product ads we observed some incredible results: “... up to a 45% drop in Cost Per Acquisition and a 42% increase in CTR.” In this post we will show you how to create a Multi-Product Facebook Ad using StitcherAds.

Multi-Product Facebook Ads Recap

Firstly, a quick recap. Through Multi-Product Facebook Advertising you can offer a user more than one product to choose from, reducing the amount of clicks necessary to get from an ad to an order. Below you can see an example of how it looks, you may have noticed them in your newsfeed:

StitcherAds- Multi Product Ads

How to Create a Multi-Product Facebook Ad with StitcherAds

  1. Design your advert by selecting your Fanpage, message, landing page URL and your product feed.
  2. Select an image for each slot, the aspect ratio is different for these adverts – 1:1 is ideal and it should be at least 460x460px.
  3. Choose a Product name, description and link.

Multi-Product Advert Workflow - StitcherAds

When the advert is created, each of these products will be clickable and take you direct to the URL you have entered. The end product looks similar to this:

Multi-Product Ad Example

Having entered your creative, finish creating your advert by moving down the flow to supply Targeting information, deciding what you would like to test and finally supplying your budget information. It’s as simple as that.

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