NEW- Facebook Carousel Mobile App Ads

Facebook just announced the release of carousel link ads, for mobile app ads. Previously carousel link ads (Multi-Product Ads) have provided great results, some of our clients have seen a 45% drop in Cost Per Acquisition and a 42% increase in CTR. Now the carousel is offered for mobile app ads and available through StitcherAds.
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What are Carousel Mobile App Ads?

This new ad format allows you to tell a story, show several products, or offer multiple discounts/offers in the same mobile ad unit. This ad format has proven very effective to attract and encourage more sales.

  • Showcase your best selling items
  • Tell a more compelling story about your business
  • Highlight more details about your products and services

Why Use Carousel Mobile App Ads?

Advertisers have seen carousel ads drive 30-50% lower cost- per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single-image ads. Ads which offer a user the ability to download or engage with your app.

  • Show more information- with up to 5 images with links, improving chance of ad being clicked on
  • Deep link to specific pages in your app. Send people to a specific place within a mobile app (previously only available on re-engagement ads)
  • Multi-product ads have proven better results, we expect the same for carousel mobile app ads

Carousel Ad Use Cases

  • Retailer with native app can deep link to products within the app, creating a better shopper experience
  • Travel agency can offer multiple destinations/offers in one ad unit
  • App developer can display multiple apps in one unit

StitcherAds are uniquely positioned, due to extensive work with carousel ad formats and as an ecommerce DR specialist, to offer an advanced self-serve solution for mobile app companies, who want to see substantial improvements in ad results. Increasing acquisition, ROI measurement and retargeting through mobile app ads is made easy through StitcherAds.

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