New Custom Field Mapping For Product Feeds

We’ve added new functionality to StitcherAds for custom field mapping. This allows you to filter products and create advanced product sets based on additional parameters available in your feed. For example if you’re using a product feed containing  custom labels (i.e., columns such as ‘g:custom_label_0’, ‘g:custom_label_1’, ‘g:custom_label_2’, etc.), you can filter your product sets by this data in StitcherAds.

Custom Field Mapping Use Cases

These additional columns in your feed can be used to enhance your filtered product sets by giving you granularity not available though other supported columns.

These fields can be used to add data such as popularity, profit margin, etc. Then you can filter to advertise these with different bids and budgets, for example. In the travel industry these fields could be used for targeting or filtering on data such as geolocation, number of beds available, seat type, etc.

Custom Fields in StitcherAds

Simply select the appropriate custom label from your drop down on either our standard product set builder:

custom fields




Adding Custom Labels to your feed

If you do not have custom labels in your feed they should be added as new columns in the format ‘g:custom_label_*’ where * is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. Only 5 custom labels are currently supported by Facebook. You can also rename current columns in your feed to custom labels should you wish to be able to filter on that data in StitcherAds.

Use our free tool to check your product feed for compatiablity with Facebook:

Check Your Product Feed