Best Practices

What Should You Do With Your New Holiday Leads?

The holidays are over and now you are probably back into the swing, excited for the year ahead. Hopefully over the festive period your advertising campaigns performed and are generating the sales you desired. With these newly acquired customers it is important to consider their lifetime value. Granted some will be making one off holiday purchases but others will be interested in your offerings all year round. How can you keep these customers and maintain sales throughout the year?


To start with analyze the data from your ad campaigns. Look to see which campaigns performed well and why. Ideally you will have Real-time Reporting in place, making that process really straightforward (learn more about the benefits of Real-time Reporting here). Then take the information gained from your analysis and feed that into workflows. Start simple, for example:

  • Create an automated email that follows up with leads a few days after purchase, perhaps asking for a review.
  • Offer a complimentary product to encourage further purchases.
  • Create trigger emails based on abandoned shopping carts.
  • Offer discounts on the products they were considering but didn’t purchase.

These simple workflows will keep you engaged with your customers and provide them with relevant offers, enticing them back to your site.

How to Grow Your Audience through Facebook Advertising

Take a close look at your customers. With your new audience you now have the opportunity to grow them. This can easily be achieved by using Facebook Lookalike Audiences. These help retailers target new customers. Based on profiles of existing customers and visitors to your website, you can advertise to groups that share similarities. In fact there are some even better ways to target and acquire new customers using Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Website Custom Audiences (WCA), target based on identity. So, for example, a user who accessed your website via their mobile can be targeted on their desktop as soon as they log on to Facebook. This form of Remarketing lowers acquisition cost by specifically targeting people interested in your product(s). You can create a Lookalike Audience based on visitors to a specific product or category page. By creating a WCA for each product or category page on your website, you’re able to retarget those visitors. Adding the powerful retargeting feature of Lookalike Audiences you can reach similar visitors to your website on Facebook.

Now you can grow your customer base around your holiday customer acquisition and keep your new customers engaged. Interested in some further tips? Download: A Brand is Not Just For Christmas…5 Tactics to Maintaining Online Sales.