Why is Real-Time Reporting So Important?

The ability to see data in real-time is becoming less of a desire and more of a necessity. With global B2C Ecommerce sales set to hit $1.5 trillion this year, understanding exactly what is happening and when, is imperative to attainting a competitive edge.

According to a survey report by the econsultancy, a quarter of respondent companies (900 client-side and agency total) are not engaging in any type of real-time marketing. Companies are realising the need to be constantly engaged, yet still there is a large proportion not acting. Obtaining the statistics when you need them, in time to make adjustments, can be a significant challenge for marketers. “Always on marketing” is no joke—it’s faced paced. There are online tools that exist to provide real-time reports on sales, sign ups, ROI and CPA. Some of these tools can even manage the campaigns for you using optimization rules. In the fast paced, competitive environment of online retail, companies must be able to analyze real-time data to make more informed, accurate decisions.


There can never be enough details tracked for performance marketing. Analyzing every aspect of product campaigns, such as product category and demographics of buyers, is the performance marketing dream. Retailers can get closer to this dream through URL tracking. Creating ad permutations with dynamically created URLs that contain product details is the way leading retailer sites are accomplishing this. They are able to produce detailed reports, analysis and optimize campaigns for maximum performance in real-time.

Example of Why Real Time Reporting is Essential for Facebook Ads

We see 70% of impressions and 65% of conversions now happening for our customers on tablet and mobile. However,  many retailers use remarketing solutions that only reach people on desktop. It is essential to prospect and retarget people with the right product across devices and measure their response in real time. An example of where real-time reporting is vital, is the ability to stop showing ads to consumers who have already bought the product, preventing wastage and potential brand damage. Only with real-time reporting and optimization rules are you able to conclusively prevent this from happening.

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