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How to Successfully Scale Direct Response Ads in the Facebook Newsfeed

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A main goal of any direct response advertising campaign is to scale, and scale quickly. We have a number of clients who we have seen great success with scaling Direct Response Ads in the Facebook Newsfeed and in this post we are going to focus on SportPursit, a leading online sport flash sales site.

Without the right tools it can be difficult and time consuming for an online retailer to effectively scale spend on direct response ads in the Facebook newsfeed. Inputting creative, configuring targeting/tracking and managing performance takes time. Retailers often find it difficult to advertise all their products. Most are limited by the time it takes to not only setup ads, but also to monitor and manage ad performance. In Q1 2014 SportPursuit, a leading private shopping community for sports men and women, adopted StitcherAds and quickly scaled their activity by 50% which generated more time to strategically focus on lowering acquisition costs by 25%.


Below is an outline of what they set out to achieve and how they did it:


  • Decrease time to create Facebook campaigns
  • Scale direct response marketing


  • Creating many Facebook campaigns was very time consuming
  • Power Editor & FBX couldn’t scale with desired activity
  • Collaborating with a third-party, under tight timelines was not responsive enough


  • Automatically generate individual ads


  • 25% lower overall acquisition cost


“StitcherAds has reduced by more than 50% the amount
 of time it takes us to get campaigns live.” Anna Gardner,
 Online Marketing Manager for SportPursuit.


Interested to learn more? Read the full case study here.