StitcherAds Named as Facebook Marketing Partner

Having worked with Facebook® for the past few years, we’re really excited about our selection as a Facebook Marketing Partner. There are 1.39 billion people on Facebook. Facebook Marketing Partners are selected because they help advertisers reach the right people easily, efficiently and with greater impact.

Being included in the Facebook Marketing Partner program makes it easier for marketers to find us based on their specific needs. Recognition for our speciality in Ad Technology and our expertise in the Ecommerce industry in the US and Europe are the reasons for our inclusion in the program.

Innovation in Ad Technology

Facebook selects companies for an Ad Technology specialty when they are able to combine advanced technology and deep expertise to supercharge marketers’ capabilities on Facebook. Being experts in the Facebook platform, we give you access to new technology and build features to leverage the platform using Facebook’s API. We help eCommerce companies take advantage of advanced capabilities to make their campaigns more effective.

Facebook Marketing Partnership

Facebook Marketing Partner

Commenting on working with Facebook, Declan Kennedy, CEO at StitcherAds, said, “Being named a Partner allows us to strategically align our ad tech for eCommerce with Facebook’s goals—making it easier for performance marketers to find an ad management solution to scale their spend on Facebook. Many large eCommerce companies need to scale their spend with confidence and require real-time visibility into campaign performance –  our work with Facebook will help these companies accomplish their goals faster.”

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.