The StitcherAds Platform Gets an Upgrade

new stitcherads platform


The StitcherAds platform recently got an upgrade, and we’re excited to share the details.


The new dashboard combines the original “Dashboard” and “All Campaigns” sections into one unified view.

StitcherAds clients who use the dashboard now have the ability to:

  • load campaigns 5x faster;
  • fully customize the dashboard to meet business requirements;
  • access the Pacing Dashboard, which allows marketers to better project spend on Facebook & Instagram;
  • share saved dashboard views with internal team members;
  • create tabbed views or reports that can be referenced in one click;
  • quickly graph campaign performance by selection;
  • include up to 12 metrics in the graph;
  • easily select and manage ad sets/ads across campaigns in one view – eliminating the need to click into different pages. Campaign management is now all in one place.

These updates were designed to help you optimize campaigns for even better performance while saving time. If you have any questions about the new dashboard, please get in touch with your success manager.


Still not using the StitcherAds platform to optimize your Facebook & Instagram advertising strategy? Hit us up! We’d love to chat.


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