Best Practices

Top Tips for Social Advertising Success

The rise of social platforms has been incredible in the last few years, with over 829 million daily active users on Facebook alone (June 2014). Businesses are realising that social platforms are a potential source of great revenue and are taking advantage. Search Engine Journal reports that over 90% of marketeers now use social media for business.

Maximise ROI from Social Advertising Spend

These numbers are only going to increase, as will spend in the area. Social media spending in the next 5 years within B2C services is expected to be 20.3% of marketing budgets, according to results from The CMO Survey. However, a lot of companies are still missing opportunities to maximise revenue through paid social media advertising.

How do I maximize ROI from my social ad spend?

We have compiled a checklist of top tips for social advertising success, to help marketers get ahead of the competition. The checklist will help you understand how to maximise spend on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. Our list looks at ways you can reach your audience in a more effective manner, understand where to put your budget and determine what platform(s) is best. Download the 7 Top Tips for Social Advertising checklist here.

StitcherAds Top 7 Social Advertising Tips