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Do You Know Why URL Tracking is So Important in Facebook Advertising?

URL Tracking

Before we discuss the importance of URL tracking it is good to step back and think why we create unique tracking URLs. When posting to different channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Plus etc.) we wish to identify how each channel is performing. Tracking these URLs means you can quickly see the journey of a user. URL tracking is not a new concept and most companies are using it in some form. Yet when considering Facebook Advertising, URL tracking is paramount. By tracking, you can quickly understand how much revenue was generated by each advert, and which Facebook ad is performing best. Understanding which ad is giving you the best return allows you to intelligently focus your spend.

URL Tracking- Facebook Advertising

The StitcherAds platform allows highly customizable URL tracking and enables you to integrate with Google Analytics and many other analytics tools.  Suddenly determining which ad is performing becomes very straightforward. In StitcherAds you only need to set up your URL parameters once. We will add them to all your ads thereafter when you select the ‘add URL parameters’ checkbox.

Setting up URL Parameters

Once you have logged into the StitcherAds platform, creating tracking parameters is very simple. Within the design section of the campaign creation page you’ll see the “Add my URL tracking parameters” checkbox.  Click this link or navigate to the URL Parameters set up page by clicking the cog in the top right.


URL Params StitcherAds

On the setup page you’ll see the example parameters box at the top – this gives you a preview of the URL parameters you are creating.

Below it you can see both StitcherAds parameters and static parameters.

URL Parameter Settings- Facebook Advertising

StitcherAds Parameters

As we create targeting variations of adverts in the tool, we allow you to add parts of the targeting as a URL parameter – enabling you to attribute back to the specific advert or ad set in your site analytics. We have a wide range of parameters that can be used. Give it a go by logging in here. If you don’t have access to the StitcherAds platform, why not start a free trial now? Use the form below this post.