Use Dynamic Ads for Travel to Lower Cost per Mobile App Install

Last month we launched the ability to leverage the advanced targeting parameters of Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) in Mobile App Install (MAI) campaigns.


Our clients are already seeing up to 15% lower Cost Per Install (CPI) by heavily leveraging customer engagement data in their targeting. In less than 15 minutes our clients can create fully automated dynamic campaigns that use highly personalised property creative to motivate customers.

DAT App Install Ad
(desktop version for illustration only)

Clients can also be very specific in what customers they are targeting e.g. customers that started the booking process for a hotel tonight on mobile web but did not complete their booking.


We know that advertisers spend an awful lot of time generating campaigns to target customers who have booked a flight, recently stayed in their property or based on some other clear intent to do so.  Dynamic Mobile App Install Ads for Travel allows advertisers to use all the advanced targeting options of DAT to drive app installs. They can use it to invite guests that have booked but not yet stayed to qualify for loyalty points in their app or invite passengers that have just completed a flight to review their experience.

Advertisers can use the specific details of a customer’s stay or travel in a highly personalised ad that gives them a contextual reason to install an app.