About Us

Since 2009, we’ve focused on providing marketers the tools they need to scale their businesses – quickly. We do this by helping our clients to find their customers where they spend their time: on social media and mobile devices.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Our software doesn’t offer social networks as a bolt-on afterthought – we are only focused on driving performance across Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, Twitter, and Twitter Audience Platform. Providing innovative and easy-to-use software to harness the identity based targeting capabilities of these networks is not only why our clients choose us, but it’s also what’s kept us as an Alpha & Beta partner to Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

As one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners to launch dynamic ads and dynamic ads for travel, we’ve carved this path and know it well. Our goal is to guide our clients so that over time, they know the path as well as we do.

Facebook Marketing Partner

StitcherAds is a selected Facebook Marketing Partner.


The company has raised $5m in seed funding from investors including Investec Ventures Ireland, Delta Partners, Irrus Investments,  Enterprise Ireland and former FB executives Mike Murphy and Tom Arrix.