Facebook & Instagram Marketing Guide

Connecting Online-to-Offline for Fashion Shoppers

fashion retail guide

It's time to bridge social discovery and action.

When it comes to fashion, social media—particularly Instagram—is an influential marketing tool. 72% of millennials have made a fashion-, style-, or beauty-related purchase after seeing something on Instagram. However, only 20% of all fashion-related purchases happen online, so how do marketers bridge this gap?

In this guide, we cover how to use Facebook & Instagram marketing to motivate omnichannel fashion shoppers to buy. You'll learn how to:

  • Activate offline measurement of Facebook & Instagram ads;
  • Use offline data to fuel online personalization;
  • Build location-aware retargeting & prospecting strategies;
  • Launch 6 creative campaigns proven to convert the see-it-in-person shopper.

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of millennials have made a fashion-related purchase after seeing something on Instagram
of apparel or accessories sales occurred online in 2018