Deliver stunning, personalized creative at scale

Automate the creation of personalized images and video 

Drive performance by creating personalized-to-user creatives at scale. Instantly create thousands of on-brand images and videos powered by first and third-party data sources.

Elevate your ad creative with StitcherAds Creative Studio. Build and save eye-catching templates that meet brand standards. Use Smart Layers to illustrate product ratings, logos, store-level prices, and more — while setting conditional rules to control when those overlays appear.

Build smart designs for greater control of your dynamic ads

Drive customers in-store by showcasing relevant deals and offers from their local shop. Integrate your store-level data and highlight localized prices, offers, and inventory levels.

Localize messaging and offers

Optimize your creative strategy

Gain deep insights on which creative performs best and why. StitcherAds allows you to test your creative strategy, and automate ongoing ad optimizations to ensure you get the most out of your ad spend.

StitcherAds has a team of social-savvy designers and animators to support your creative needs. From basic overlay support to custom video creation, we’re here to help.

Enlist our creative team for support

Get in touch to learn how StitcherAds Creative Studio can elevate shopper experiences with your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

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