Power data-fueled shopping experiences with StitcherAds

Drive performance with smarter ads

Combine insights from online and in-store behaviors, product data, and creative results to deliver a unified experience for your customers. Automatically optimize your ads to deliver maximum return on your ad spend.

Organize data from any source into a useable format to power paid social objectives. Use your own data to build smart creatives, optimize against business goals, measure with confidence, and target new audiences. 

Integrate first and third-party data sources

Integrate your current measurement platform to see accurate results. Take custom metrics out of convoluted spreadsheets and apply them to StitcherAds' visual dashboard.

Use your preferred measurement partner

Target and measure in-store transactions

Securely upload, cleanse, and optimize offline data to measure the impact of your ads in-store. Build retargeting and prospecting audiences based on valuable in-store customers and showcase ads with personalized offers, local inventory levels, and directions to the nearest store. 

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Unlock the power of your data


StitcherAds combines data solutions, ad buying, and creative automation on a single platform to produce smarter ads.

Let us do the heavy lifting. StitcherAds has a team of dedicated specialists that will work directly with your IT team and partners to unlock the potential of your data.

Get bespoke technical onboarding

Let's get started.

Talk to us about your Facebook & Instagram marketing goals. StitcherAds is flexibly built to meet your specific needs and to help you avoid wasting valuable ad spend.

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