The Facebook & Instagram Marketing Guide

Everything retailers need to know to stay competitive

The holidays are almost here...

The retail industry is at its most competitive, high-stress point in modern history. Marketers are scrambling to create more targeted, personalized, and seamless customer interactions. Those who don’t succeed risk losing even more market share to their competitors.

With higher standards for content on Facebook & Instagram, the pressure is on for retailers. In this era, exceptional marketing requires iteration and testing, but the truth is: most retailers are not adapting quickly enough.

Introducing the ultimate, everything-you-never-thought-to-ask Facebook & Instagram retail marketing guide. In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • set up your pixel, product feed, and offline conversions to get the most out of your advertising;
  • build omnichannel campaigns that drive revenue online & in-store;
  • design (and automate) creative that cuts through the noise and inspires during peak seasons;
  • and optimize your campaigns to deliver the highest return.

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