Creating all the ads necessary for your business can be time consuming, especially with a large, constantly changing catalogue of products. The StitcherAds workflow was built to save time in creating ads by automating many repetitive tasks. Within the ad creation workflow permutations are automated for creative elements, product sets, devices, and audience segmentations.

Product Segmentation & Smart Bidding

StitcherAds enables clients to split their product catalog into smaller products sets based on factors like profit margin, product category, products on sale, product attributes etc. This is achieved by using our flexible feed mapping features to use custom fields to capture product data like profit margin.


StitcherAds also enables clients to bid differently based on those product sets and also based on other factors including the following:

  • Margin Bidding – bid based on the profit margin for a product set
  • Device Bidding – clients bid differently for ads delivered on desktop, iPhone, Android tablet etc.
  • Recency Bidding – clients can configure staggered retargeting timelines and bids e.g. retarget viewers for 3 days, then wait a further week before retargeting them again for a further 3 days and bid differently for each timeline.
  • Intent Bidding – bid differently for product viewers and those that added to cart.

Clients could achieve this smarter configuration by onerously generating lots of campaigns. The StitcherAds DPA Permutations feature enables clients to achieve this level of sophistication within a single campaign and removes much of the workload required to configure these campaigns by automatically generating adsets based on simple configuration.

Smart Retargeting