We’ve built the tech to help you get the highest revenue impact from your ad spend. And when we hand it to you, we want to make sure you’re set for success.

Our three stage service offering gives advertisers the option to choose a level of service that fits their current needs, with the flexibility to fit your future needs. Our services are tailored to each client, and are designed to help transmit knowledge from our team of direct response experts to your in-house management over time.

Three Flexible Service Options





You’ll have full access to our direct response expertise through planning, setup, testing, and day-to-day campaign management. We’ll act as an extension of your in-house marketing function, on call throughout the day with weekly reviews to ensure success. Our team will work with you to set clearly defined goals along with timelines, and execute against these goals. Our hybrid service option serves as a transitional option for advertisers moving from fully-managed to self-serve, or a lower service option for advertisers who want to utilize some of our expertise, but don’t need full campaign management. The hybrid service option gives the ability to tailor a solution specific to your needs. Our technology is the core of what we do. Out-of-the-box, without any aid or expertise, you’ll be able to better automate, optimize, and scale your Facebook advertising. This is the end goal solution. We want to provide you in-house tech to make your Facebook ad campaigns efficient and effective.

The amount you pay is based on a fixed percentage of your monthly Facebook ad spend. And we want this fixed percentage to go down over time.

Your fixed percentage is determined by your level of spend and level of service. The more you spend on your campaigns and the less we manage those campaigns, the smaller your fixed percentage is. So, as you transition to a fully in-house tech solution and our tech helps you optimize and scale your Facebook advertising, you pay less.